Validating excel spreadsheets

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A classic example of this is a double hyphen (–), which equates to a plus ( ) operator yet looks like a minus sign (-).Whenever the last argument in a VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP is omitted or set to TRUE, the result could end up being an unexpected match.

With Risk Validation, Perfect XL basically points to these parts of your spreadsheet and asks you a question: “Are you really sure about this?According to other research, pretty much all of them.While Excel is at its core a user friendly tool for spreadsheets, the accessibility of Excel also leaves a large margin for human mistakes.21 of these risk types are covered by our risk validation tool. Not only are we going to implement the remaining seven types of risk into Perfect XL, but we’re also involved in research to any other risk types.For this research, we’re in collaboration with both our clients and the Spreadsheet Lab of the University of Delft. (a formula or a function inside of a formula that is unable to find the referenced data), #NAME? (usage of spaces in formulas that reference multiple ranges), #NUM!

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