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Or, even more ridiculous, the occasion near the end in which the baddies find the President’s wife unprotected, about after the start of their assassination attempt.

At a time when America faces real danger from genuinely scary foes, the identity of the villains, when it’s finally revealed, seems to confirm suspicions that George ‘Timeline’ Nolfi’s script spent more than a few years circling Hollywood.

Director Clark Johnson directed the pilot episode of a TV series about the Secret Service in 1992.

In real life, Longoria worked with the White House to help President Obama push immigration reform.

I thought she had a great quality.” Director Clark Johnson joked that he wanted the sequel to focus on Walter’s relationship with his mom. “Q” clearance means a person has access to Top Secret government information.

Michael Douglas said he likes the audience to think, “Oh, there’s no way he’ll get out of here.” Basinger on whether she’d want to be first lady: “My initial response is, ‘Absolutely, unequivocally not.” Martin Donovan: “One of my goals was finding the humanity behind the image [the agents] present.” Former Agent Gerry Cavis said in 2006 that they’ve never identified a mole within the Secret Service. Hopefully that’s where it stays.” Michael Douglas: “I’m really happy with the picture. Trivia Notes In 2013, Julia Pierson became the first female director of the Secret Service. Without a silencer, a bullet from a .45 can travel about 800 feet per second. Every Secret Service agent has to pass a polygraph test before getting the job.

More Shadow Conspiracy than In The Line Of Fire, this suffers from serious quality control issues.

For this tale of a veteran agent who’s framed by a White House mole and hunted by his own colleagues, Johnson assembled a cast guaranteed to get thriller fans frothing.

And to balance out the testosterone, there’s Kim Basinger as the First Lady — who’s been receiving a few very secret services from Garrison — and Eva Longoria as a rookie agent.

Sadly for said thriller fans, not to mention fans of the stars, The Sentinel is a pretty weak piece of filmmaking.

It doesn’t suck to be Michael Douglas.” Writer George Nolfi: “It’s not unusual to have 20-hour days repeatedly, in a pinch, for some of these guys.” Michael Douglas said he doesn’t like to play heroes “because I don’t know that many heroes in my life.” Director Clark Johnson: “There’s cameras everywhere in this town.

Locals call it Fort Washington.” Director Clark Johnson: “The good thing about Camp David is none of us have really seen it.

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Longoria first learned how to shoot a gun with her dad in Texas when she was just 6 years old. Michael Douglas’s movies (as of 2013) have earned more than $2.2 billion.

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