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Single hammelburg

He was in Stalag 8b where he took part in a concert of the Mikado, he was one of the three little maids from school we did have a few photos but they were lost.If anyone remembers him or has any photos of the concert I would love to hear from you. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks My father, Bert Key, was in the Royal Army Medical Corps, and was captured about the time of the Dunkirk evacuation.He joined a group who decided to set out on foot westwards, in the hope of reaching the advancing Allies.Hungry and nearly exhausted after several days on the road, they reached an abandoned farm, where there were still a few cows and some chickens.

He spent some time in the hospital wing before being transferred to a standard barrack room.

" In October 1943 he writes: "I can now tell you what you may already have guessed, that we are in Italy." He continues: "The towns are not up to much now, as you can imagine, but the people received us in a fairly friendly fashion." Later that month he writes: "We are in action in Italy, as you may have guessed. Sometimes we are very busy, and sometimes there is very little to do.

The worst thing is the noise, which at times is deafening. We get a lot of shelling now and again - though not dangerously close." On 23rd December '43 he writes: "...

He went on to have a successful career and raise five sons before he died in 1981.

My father william Mc Knight became a POW on Crete where he gave himself up as he was ill and the Cretians who were hiding him had no medicine.

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There is not much doing here at present, except getting ready for Christmas.

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