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Posted by / 15-Oct-2017 15:19

Today marks both the first day of National Women's Health Week and the launch of Hollender's Get On Top campaign to encourage 100,000 women to pledge to practice safe sex — an initiative the entrepreneur developed in partnership with birth control support network Bedsider and nine go-getting, safe-sex-having friends.

And, if used correctly, condoms themselves can be very effective, preventing pregnancy in 98 percent of cases and reducing the risk of contracting HIV by up to 95 percent.

""I think that’s a really aspirational number," she continues, "but also a number to start proving to other women, 'This is really important. It’s a critical part of your overall health.'"Hollender banded together with nine other women, including Thinx founder Miki Agrawal and Refinery29's own creative director and cofounder Piera Gelardi, to create the campaign video, in which the women share their own reasons for practicing safe sex.

Hollender is hopeful that, just as these women inspire in the business world, they'll lead by example here.

View the teaser video above; then, click through to Get On Top's website to join the movement.

Image Source Assuring patients of confidentiality about potentially sensitive matters may make them feel more willing to use reproductive health services.

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The Sydney Gay Games campaign from the “Get It On” series in 2002 was launched especially for tournament, promoting continued condom use among local gay men during a time when Sydney was abuzz with international visitors.