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Some popular bars get very crowded and tourists should not take some pushing and shoving personally.

But when these refugees started to come home again in the early eighties they became a very strong and influential gay group, bringing cosmopolitan gay culture to Iceland, where it mixes with the habits and culture of the nation in a strange but fascinating way.

Iceland is in the high North but the Gulf stream from the Caribbean makes the winters warmer than in New York, and the summers are rather warm and wet.

The length of the day in Iceland varies very much: December and January are the darkest months with only 4-5 hours of daylight but in June and July there is bright daylight all around the clock thanks to the midnight sun. Icelanders are rather trendy and fashionable and on weekends it seems that everybody is out on the town.

Iceland is the second largest island in Europe but relatively few people live there.

The wilderness of the highlands is untouched and unspoiled nature.

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Icelanders feel that this flat desert is barren and uninteresting but many foreigners get the feeling they have just landed on the moon.

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