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Online free dating sites in bangalore yelahanka

Groups will compete with each other aganist time for finding the location where will be celebration area.

After this activity, all groups and other people who are in IEEE Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus will come together and celebrate IEEE Day'16.

Also, academicians will tell their IEEE stories and their experiences to new comers in our society.

We think that it is going to be a lot of fun and at the same time this inspires and informs people about IEEE well. Firstly, with short conferences, we are planning to explain why we celebrate IEEE Day all over the world and to make this organisation more popular amoung the students of Gebze Technical University.

IEEE Day is a global event that's held every year to celebrate IEEE and its achievements.

IEEE ISSAT SO Student Branch invites you to join its event on Wednesday, October 5th in ISSAT Sousse, Tunisia, to attend various informations sessions and discover many other surprises !!

IEEE Day’s theme is: “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow”.

They get to know each other and appreciate what the institute has done to them in terms of building their professionalism and in other aspects of social and public outlook. Within the frame of the Ex Com Monthly Meeting, the IEEE Argentina Section will have a Special Session on Monday September 3rd, 2016, to celebrate IEEE Day and the 77th anniversary of the foundation of the IEEE Argentina Section (Oct 6th, 1939). ( to - Invitation extended to officers and volunteers).

in this event will have both the technical part as a talk on scholarships, this event will take place the day October 6 will be parallel talks several races engineering such as telecommunications, mechatronics, biomedical systems and industrial which at the end we will all gather the talk about scholarships and then a scientific coffee with internet theme of things in Bolivia and its social and educational impact, the event name is the scientific fact that our agreement at the university ended and showing everything he did and does sorority in college came to sign the new agreement and show that day to the end of the event, we will have a dinner with all IEEE members of our city at the end of this event, we have great xpectations as turn this event free will and will have equipment and snack To bring people as a unity, we will organize treasure hunt in our university.

It is going to be about IEEE Day and there will be a lot of riddles which are technical or logical.

IEEE ENIM Student Branch members planned a day of information exchange ,networking ,introducing new students to engineering and what it means to be an IEEE member. The IEEE student branch will host the celebration of the IEEE Day on 6th October, 2016.

Various chapters and volunteers are participating by sharing their experience and knowledge. A place for student members can learn from the experiences and challenges faced by former presidents of the branch and motivate them to take part of volunteering as a family celebrating the IEEE Day.

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