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Online dating site for nigerians

UK-based scientist and consultant Dwain Neil told The Voice: “Melanin which gives us our darker colour protects us from dangerous UV rays.When you damage or remove that protection, you are leaving your skin more vulnerable to developing cancers.She said: “We still, today, have this practice of referring to lighter as more beautiful.You still find parents doing this to their children.“Black people should not still be carrying around this mindset that dates back to slavery, that people will reject them because of how they look.Sadly this is still being perpetuated in families and in communities by the attitudes of the older generation.” FRESH: Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o is a welcome role model for black beauty Phinnah Ikeji, who founded Black Role Models UK, agreed that the solution to the problem lies in the family experience.

A recent study from San Francisco State University found that high-flying African Americans are viewed as being several shades lighter than they really while responding to an earlier post made by the senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani.Sani had earlier posted a message in which he was making a veiled reference to the alleged power play in the government circle in Buhari’s absence.This is followed by Togo with 59 per cent; South Africa with 35 per cent; and Mali at 25 per cent.In a confessional entry, blogger Myne Whitman, argued skin bleach was not just being used by black women who feel inferior because of their dark complexion.

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All the metrics out there will tell you that there is a higher incidence of skin cancer amongst people who have very fair skin, compared to people who have darker skin.

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