Online dating bad effects of aspartame

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"It takes about 6g of lactose (half a cup of milk) to result in evidence that lactose is not being fully absorbed from the small intestine, and about 12g lactose (1 cup of milk) before gastrointestinal symptoms start showing up," says Hertzler.

Even lactose-heavy powders don’t pack that much lactose in a single serving.

"As this shift in blood flow occurs, the shake will sit in the stomach rather than being digested quickly, and this delay can trigger a nausea response," says Steve Hertzler, Ph. D., a senior nutrition research scientist at Abbott.

Evolutionists assume that the rate of cosmic bombardment of the atmosphere has always remained constant and that the rate of decay has remained constant.

But there’s one kind of protein powder that could be making you feel ill—if you’re sensitive to dairy, at least.

Whey concentrate, the stuff in many popular protein powders, is a dense dairy product, packing in a lot of lactose with all that muscle-building protein.

The (literally) painful irony is clear: Sometimes, protein-fueled efforts at good health make people feel awful. When you’re working out, your blood gets redirected to your muscles—and away from your stomach and digestive tract.

This basically hits pause on the muscle contractions that move food through your digestive tract, aka peristalsis.

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Thus radioactive dating relies purely on assumptions.

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