Miura haruma aragaki yui dating

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I believe that had he not hit his stride as an actor at the same time as Kimu Taku, he would be an even bigger star today.

Looks-wise he reminds me of Lee Jun Ki‘s brand of combo masculine-feminine prettiness.I’ve never found Shun attractive, but he always impresses me.Matsumoto Jun Jun is the weirdest idol-actor on the planet.I spent both Season 1 and Season 2 of the wonderfully touching (Under One Roof) hoping he’d get the girl (the once young and darling Noriko Sakai), which he ended up doing at the very end. My favorite Masa dorama remains could turn a girl into a woman just like that.I will always remember him as Hata-san (and perhaps dreaming I was his Teruteru-Bozu).

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