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Meet n f no credit card needed for free

However, not all shipping and mailing services offer the same set of options. Protectorate When using Priority Worldwide to ship to a U. PW' and the country code must be the protectorate country code (e.g. When using other shipping services to ship to protectorates, the service code must begin with ‘USA’, the country code 'US', and the Different shipping and mailing services have different maximum allowed weights. To ensure you pre-authorize the proper amount, always perform a Get Rates request with exactly the same parameters (contract, article, dimensions, options, etc.) before you call Create Shipment.

You can set up the Get Service request in advance so you present only the allowable options for a given service. Some Postal Codes have a valid format but do not exist as part of a valid street address. You can pre-determine the maximum allowed weight by calling Get Service for the service and checking the 'max' attribute of the This error is returned along with an HTTP code of 202, which indicates that your application should sleep for a second and try the same request again. For some delivery services, it is mandatory to make a declaration regarding what should be done with an undeliverable shipment.

The maximum allowed collection amounts by method of collection are outlined in the Postal Guide. You can use the Get Service request in advance to determine the allowed values for a service.Due to an issue with the default credit card on file with Canada Post, we are unable to authorize this transaction.This error will occur, for example, if the credit card has expired or has been reported stolen.value has been provided but the maximum number of unique (untransmitted) groups has already been created.Make a Transmit Shipments request for one or more open groups before the next shipment is created.

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To get "counter" rates, the elements of customer number and contract number should be omitted.

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