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It turned out that a lot of other trans women I knew who were just starting or considering starting hormone replacement therapy had the same worries and questions as me.

And just like me, none of them had heard anything useful from their doctors or health care workers about it.

Trans girls learn early on that the realm of our sexuality is a difficult, painful, even dangerous place.

But there is also beauty there, and power, and pleasure — if you know where to look.

That trans women aren’t supposed to have a sexuality?

One would hope that trans-friendly, trans-knowledgeable medical professionals would help transitioning patients through hormone- and surgery-related changes in libido and orgasmic experience.

Yet the information exists within the trans women community itself: time-tested information gathered by kinksters, sex workers, writers, and zinesters like Mira Bellwether, author of the underground-famous zine Fucking Trans Women.Without the pangs of erotic desire, I didn’t have to think as much about all of the shame I felt around my sexuality.But the more time passed, the more I started to miss my eroticism — the more I began to wonder if the physical transformation that was happening to me had to mean the end of my sexual life.Even more disturbingly, some had gotten the message from their doctors and psychologists that they really weren’t supposed to desire sexuality or sexual pleasure.This would mean, they were told, that they “weren’t really transsexual.”This idea comes from an outdated psychological theory, developed by (white, cisgender male) psychologist Ray Blanchard in the 1980s, that there two kinds of trans women: “true transsexuals” and “fake transsexuals.” According to this theory, “fake transsexuals,” or autogynephiles, are really men who fetishize the idea of playing a female role, wearing female clothing, or having a female body.

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They agree: Medical transition, whether hormonal or surgical, doesn’t make either sexual pleasure or orgasm impossible.

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