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Free sex messageing

Basically, users can’t just answer question after question for an endless amount of time.

Users can also create their own polls, which would have to be approved by the app before they are published.

There are exceptions to age of sexual consent laws.

Although most jurisdictions have a fixed age set as the law, where no one over that age can be with anyone under that age, some states have close in age exceptions.

“We built tbh because we believe that social networks should make us feel better about ourselves — not worse,” the company behind the app wrote on its website.

Indiana also allows a defense against the law in court if the victim is married or was married in the past, and allows pregnant females who are 15 or older to marry the man who impregnated.

Additionally, direct messages are not available on the app yet, but developers are considering it as an option in the future.

Tbh functions more like a game than other anonymous apps, with a clear structure and set time limit for responses.

More than 150 million messages have been sent through the app already, according to the company behind it.

Tbh also only allows users to answer a certain number of polls within a set amount of time.

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