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Post-war Musselburgh still, of course, retained many of its older buildings, many of which were swept away later, when the town was 'modernised'.

The burgh itself was over-populated; housing was a continuing problem and many people continued to live in slums until well into the 1950s.

The mining industry in the area seemed to be set for a fair and long future and the burgh accommodated many of the miners who worked locally.

The town is the most diverse of all the settlements in the parish, combining homes, workplaces and leisure facilities all in close proximity to each other.However, no such control could be placed on the old disused mines where highly polluted water overflowed at many points into the rivers and streams adding greatly to the general pollution of the Esk at Musselburgh.Action is presently being considered to deal with these old mine discharges.Regarding the flooding in 1948, it was a Musselburgh holiday, and the damage in the High Street was caused by the DUKWS (a type of military amphibious boat) patrolling up and down the High Street.George Montgomery As well as the traditional 'heavy' industries, the town boasted a range of other occupations: there was an active fishing fleet - about 20 boats in number; and market gardening flourished, with David Lowe's firm a particularly important employer.

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It is bounded to the north by the Firth of Forth, to the west by the Magdalene Burn and to the east by the Ravensheugh Burn.