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The Ice Man wore a pair of leggings, which were strapped to a belt at waist level.A fur tongue, attached to the lower end of each legging, slipped into the neck of the Ice Man’s shoes.“We have no knowledge about the variability of the population from which he descended.Especially the examination of small, sometimes locally and closely neighbouring Late Neolithic populations shows that there are remarkable differences of types.” Whilst it was thought possible to draw some tentative conclusions from the skeletal (and tissue) remains, it remained to be seen whether sufficient non-degraded chromosomal DNA could be retrieved from Oetzi’s body to establish a definitive genetic relationship with living European populations.“The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth ribs on the left show healed fractures, suggesting a one-time multiple trauma.All five ribs have healed well, even though some distortion remains.The preliminary results were released to the press by Professor Klaus Oeggl in December, 1991.Separate radiocarbon datings were produced for the corpse’s skin and bone at the behest of the University of Innsbruck’s Institute of Anatomy.

The uncalibrated radiocarbon datings for the grass were subsequently modified/reworked (in January, 1992) to 4,450 ±75 (Uppsala) and 4,550 ±60 years BP; rendering them in close conformity with those for the corpse.

On the other hand, Sjøvold has indicated that traces of trabecular thickening have been observed in the area of the former metaphyseal plate.

Could such a phenomenon be the down-side to a major shift in dietary emphasis in the period following the biblical Flood? look(ed) like one of our well-tanned (European) ancestors”.

Much attention has been given to the Tyrolean Ice Man since his discovery in 1991.

To the evolutionist he is somewhat of an enigma; a resourceful and cultured individual from an area previously thought to be a Neolithic backwater.

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The feathers were affixed with a resinous substance and set at an angle that would induce an in-flight spin (to maintain a true course).

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