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We wrote a query to tell us what the column names were in the user profile table and sure enough it had an email column. We wrote a query to update my email address to something different. When do you ever get the chance to break someone else's real website without them getting mad at you? We tried to truncate and drop some tables and it didn't let us. We managed to delete all records from the main table in the site. This was a great team exercise to do as a group of developers.

It was such a good feeleing when we queried the table to see the email addresses and mine was no longer there, but my new one was. We all chipped in with ideas and we all learned a lot.

The only way we could think of removing my email address was by using SQL Injection.

They interviewed Troy Hunt about internet security.

You should definitely take a look at the site to see what vulnerabilities you can spot.

I've purposely not given you the details on how we did what we did because it was a learning exercise and I think you won't learn if I just give you the answers.

I've not done much hacking myself, but I recognise that as a web developer I should know about the hacking vulnerabilities my sites could face.

Therefore I need to be able to defend against them.

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